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Simply share your love of Payge, and earn up to 45% of all payments from customers you refer.

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A better way to send money.

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Anyone can apply to become an affiliate. Once you're approved, you'll receive a unique affiliate link which you can share to start being credited for referrals.

Spread the payge love!

You can share Plasmic on your website, blog, social media, videos—any content or marketing channel. The more you share, the more you earn.

Earn commissions

For each referred customer, earn up to 45% of all payments made in their first 12 months. There are no limits to what you can earn, either per customer or overall as an affiliate.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Payge Affiliate Program?
The Payge Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Payge. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new customer you refer.
How are referrals tracked?
Upon acceptance into the Payge Affiliate Program, you will receive your unique link which will track all of your referrals.
What are the limits?
There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and the amount of commission you can earn from each referral.
Do I earn more if I refer more?
Yes the Payge Affiliate Program has different levels of commission depending on the number of referrals you make. You'll receive more information about it once you join.
What if my customers have questions?
The Payge Affiliate Program grants a you direct communication link to our support and development team. If you or your affiliate need anything(custom feature, template, payment method ...) we'll make sure to get it done!
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